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In many ways, it really does not matter what industry you work in – CRM will add value to your business, save time, protect data, ensure continuity and increase productivity. In the current environment with so many people working from home, this could not be more relevant or important in giving you the competitive edge in your sector.

Quoting Tool for CRM

But CRM doesn’t have to start and end as an out-of-the-box solution. If your company works in a business that generates multiple quotes, orders and transactions, you can benefit from customising your CRM system by creating a quoting tool within CRM. Indeed, Avrion has provided many customers with this added feature often building it in as part of the scope for new CRM customers.

One of our customers, who designs and engineers motion systems that are used in a wide range of scientific and industrial solutions, has components in multiple sizes, quantities and combinations. Hence, it was very labour-intensive creating quotes for prospects and customers. But with Avrion’s help, they were able to create quotes from their Maximizer CRM, linked with their Sage 50 package, which simplified their process hugely from Lead to Opportunity to Quote to Job. It meant they could have multiple quotes against an opportunity and, once the costs were agreed, they could simply push through the correct quote to an order in Sage 50. 

With this kind of process, it is possible to create something quite tailored that can incorporate variations for discounts, shipping costs and other extras within the quoting tool. Avrion has helped many customers – for example, COP UK – with this same quote processing solution, while tailoring it to their unique products and sales processes. Our Quoting Tool takes the heavy, repetitive, time consuming element out of day to day business, whether you are arranging pick-ups for confidential waste, manufacturing protective tunnels for silage or making indoor dance floors!

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