COP UK – a CRM Case Study

Solution: Maximizer CRM with Quoting Tool integrated with Sage 50 and E-Commerce site

The Challenge

COP UK recognised their CRM system and partner were not meeting the expectations and workflow they had developed to take customer care to the next level. As James Bentley, General Manager COP UK, said “Outstanding Customer Care has been a key issue for us and our existing partner and CRM system were not delivering the service we wanted to give. We decided to concentrate on getting the best partner and that proved to be Avrion – our choice of CRM stemmed from our discussions with them.” Furthermore, COP UK needed to integrate their website, Sage accounting software and quotation system with CRM, so that they could be used within the CRM solution.

The Avrion Response

Engaging with the Avrion team, COP UK were able to articulate their business needs and, with the proposed CRM solution, Avrion created something that worked specifically for them. “It wasn’t made complicated; both the CRM software and the relationship were enjoyably jargon-free,” said James. Avrion did not try to reinvent the wheel but took the COP UK processes and made them work. If there were some improvements to make along the way, Avrion suggested them as they came up.

Sage accounting and the website were integrated into the CRM solution and Avrion replicated the existing COP UK quotation system with compatible technology so it would fit into and work within the new CRM system. This part of the project overran but the team at Avrion were open with flagging up slippage on the timing.

Working Together

“We were aware of potential issues with the new technology for the team, but with Avrion’s help, I successfully gained executive and user commitment,” added James. Everyone was aware of the long term investment and how it was integral to COP UK’s business goals. The fact that Maximizer CRM and the new, integrated solution was simple to use meant the staff were really happy with it and any possible disruptors around change were avoided. The investment in training was key for user adoption and this helped ensure everyone was confident and proficient.

The Results

Avrion took time to understand the business, which led to the project’s success. There were no corporate, big business, generic ideas; rather, the system was designed for COP UK, which worked with the existing processes whilst bringing it all together in one place. “It helped with internal efficiency and our Account Management improved – therefore, service to our customers got better,” said James.

The Avrion team were always communicating – “All points of communication with Avrion were excellent. If you ask, it gets done. You don’t have to chase queries and you don’t get an ‘it cannot be done’ response,” concluded James Bentley from COP UK.


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COP UK is a UK based manufacturer and distributor of CCTV products with over 20 years’ experience. They have value engineered multiple products and processes, from pre- and post-sales support, to reinvesting in their infrastructure in order to maximise their installer requirements and other specific deliverables.

“We trusted Avrion, that they would get it done; they know what they are doing.”
James Bentley - COP UK
James Bentley
General Manager