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  • Maximizer CRM 2019 Feature – Enhanced Global Edit

    Enhanced Global EditGlobal Edit is a powerful administrator feature in Maximizer CRM which (amongst other things) helps you manage, clean and maintain data so that you can rely on the power of the information you hold.  Global Edit for Maximizer CRM 2019 now supports changing process and stage in Opportunities and changing territory in Address Book.Global […]
  • Maximizer CRM 2019 Enhanced Feature -Quick Search

    Maximizer CRM 2019 Enhanced Feature – Quick Search CHANGES IN SEARCHABLE FIELDS – Maximizer CRM 2019 In the previous version, the searchable fields for Quick Search includes: • Name fields: company name, first name, last name and middle name • Address fields: address line 1, address line 2, city, state/province, zip/postal code and country • Phone numbers and email addresses
  • Business apps for CRM

    Developing business apps for CRM clientsSoftware development has evolved remarkably since the time when teams of people would labour over massive projects, producing enormous specs and spending so long developing that the specification would often change by the time the development was finished.The Internet-fuelled digital revolution and the huge popularity of digital devices contributed to […]
  • Maximizer CRM 2019 – Version Release

    ‘What’s New Guide’ for Maximizer CRM  2019 – review the new features.The What’s New Guide for Maximizer CRM 2019 is now available from our Web site:  The new release includes:Lead ManagementWith Maximizer CRM 2019, you will have a new Leads module which allows you to manage your prospects, qualify leads and convert leads to opportunities.Import leads […]
  • New Release – Maximizer CRM 2017

    Maximizer CRM 2017 new features include increased productivity, a great New User Interface, many new features in the Opportunity module, a completely new Calendar/Appointment module, expanded API platform, tiered pricing and much more. Maximizer CRM 2017 includes user productivity and experience improvements, expanded integration capabilities and a tiered pricing model. Maximizer CRM 2017 helps you […]