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Top ten benefits of CRM

Top Ten Benefits of CRM

Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM) are simple tools that help businesses to be more streamlined, efficient, productive, accessible, connected and GDPR compliant. The benefits of CRM are numerous, but here are ten reasons why they are good to have – whatever size your company is. 1. CRM keeps your organisation organised A CRM is a

Where are you on your CRM journey

Where are you on your CRM journey?

CRM solutions are as diverse in their size, purpose and complexity as the organisations who need them and the industries they are in. All CRM solutions can be tailored to the customer’s requirements, so how do you make yours a success? The answer will depend on where you are on your CRM journey. The role

Maximizer CRM 2020 Mobile App Enhancements

Maximizer CRM Version Comparison Guide – Updated for Maximizer CRM 2020

As you’d expect from any software program, Maximizer CRM is continually enhanced and improved. So if you’re on an older version of Maximizer CRM, you may wonder what exactly these enhancements are. That’s why we’ve reviewed the Maximizer CRM version comparison guide in this blog. Hopefully this will give you an idea of some of

Integrate financial systems with CRM

How to connect Sage Financials with Maximizer CRM

Last week’s blog showcased the ability to integrate financial systems with CRM. Specifically, we looked at our Sage Financials Data Connector – connecting Maximizer CRM and Sage 50 / Sage 200. Sage Financials is easy to use, yet so powerful in extending your CRM data. This blog aims to ignite your imagination on how your


Six Key CRM Benefits

Six Key Benefits of CRM   The use of CRM systems has grown over 25 years from experimental beginnings to the point today where CRM is the biggest business application of all time. The reason that it has become so important is fairly obvious – without effective control and understanding of the customer relationship the

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