What is a Hosted Desktop

What is a Hosted Desktop and What are the Benefits?

Most companies have moved to flexible working where their workforce can be fully remote, always in the office or somewhere in the middle. A hosted desktop enables your workforce to take the office with them wherever they are and pick up where they left off. What is a Hosted Desktop? A hosted desktop enables users


UK GDPR – Data Protection in the Last Three Years

GDPR came into effect in the UK in May 2018 with much pre-emptive preparations and dire warnings of the consequences of failure to comply. Post-Brexit, GDPR continues in force in the UK as the “UK GDPR”. Whilst a number of high-profile businesses have been fined for not complying with the data protection rules, such as

CRM Connects Employees

CRM Connects Employees, Whatever Your “Back to Work” Looks Like in 2021

As we continue to deal with the ever-changing effects of COVID in 2021, the landscape shifts daily. Infection rates increasing and holiday destinations popping on and off the green list faster than you can bake a sourdough loaf. It’s an everyday headache for managers, sales people and team leaders. Should we be back in the

how does hosting work

How does Hosting work?

In a previous blog, we explained what Hosting is and the different types of options available for Hosting. To recap, Hosting is when software is implemented via the web, and there are various ways of doing this; Software as a Service (SaaS), Private Hosted Server, On Premise Server. But how exactly does Hosting work when


What are Backups and have you got them covered?

Did you know that there’s a World Backup Day on 31st March? I didn’t! But I do know how vital they are to businesses. So: Backups – have you got them covered? What are Backups? A backup takes a copy of all your data and files in case the original is lost or damaged. So,

What is Hosting

What is hosting and how do the options differ?

What is hosting and how can it benefit the way your business is run? Well, if your organisation is looking to digitise, then you’re probably looking to deploy software in a manageable way. Gone are the days where system upgrades involved uninstalling and reinstalling each user’s machine. Instead, a server platform is upgraded and the

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