In the technology age, we need to do as much as we can to defeat the hackers out there. As well as making sure your operational systems sit on a secure platform, you can do your part by keeping your passwords complex (i.e. strong).

Password complexity in Maximizer CRM

Recognising the importance of password complexity, the 2020 R1 release of Maximizer CRM saw an improvement of the password rules, which are set in the Administrator module.

Passwords can be set to contain up to 4 different character types from the following:

  • Upper Case Letter: it must begin with an uppercase letter (A-Z).
  • Lower Case Letter: it must begin with a lowercase letter (a-z).
  • Numeric characters: it must contain one or more numbers (0-9).
  • Symbols: it must contain one or more of the accepted symbols, namely number-sign (#), dollar-sign ($), or underscore (_) symbols.

Your Administrator will define the number of rules that must be met for every user’s password as well as the minimum password length.

Other rules are:

  • It cannot be the same as your Maximizer User ID.
  • It cannot be “PASSWORD”, “ADMIN”, or “ADMINISTRATOR”.
  • It can be a maximum of 30 characters.

Watch our short video to see how to set your password rules in Maximizer CRM:


In addition to these basic Maximizer CRM password requirements, your local domain security policy may also place further restrictions on the passwords that you can use for Maximizer CRM users. Contact your network administrator for information on whether additional password requirements are enforced by your domain security policy.

Attention: If any user’s current password does not meet the newly set criteria or the domain security policy, they will be asked to reset their password when they next log in.

Password Best Practices

The following Password Best Practices may help you create a strong password:

  • Avoid bunching numbers and symbols together.
  • Steer clear from the obvious.
  • Test your password.
  • Refrain from using dictionary words.
  • Don’t make passwords too long.
  • Use different passwords for different accounts.

For even more detailed password policy recommendations, this article from Microsoft covers everything!

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