Solution Spotlight – Customer Self-Serve Configurator Tool

Solution Spotlight - Customer Self-Serve Configurator Tool

A Multi-Divisional Service Company wanted to create a Self-Serve Configurator Tool for personalising quotes Overview This long-term customer wanted to add an easy to use, mobile friendly webpage to promote a new service, targeted at small companies. They wanted to enable the customer to enter minimal information in order to receive a transparent quote, with […]

Restore plc

Restore plc - CRM, middleware, data warehouse case study

As Restore plc grew, so did the challenge of managing disparate databases, operational systems and finance systems. Separate sales, IT and management teams in the divisions also meant data was inconsistent and CRM usage sporadic. 

Read how Avrion helped connect the various systems together using middleware and a Data Warehouse, making data consistent, complete, easily accessible – and in turn, improve reporting and overall CRM usage. 

Restore Datashred

Within Datashred, the quote-to-contract set-up process had many manual and time consuming aspects to it. They soon came to the conclusion that they needed to streamline processes and integrate both their CRM and Operational systems.

Read how Avrion helped Restore Datashred to rationalise their business processes from inbound calls, all the way through, to signed contracts in one workflow, increasing the productivity for the company tenfold and eliminating a costly e-signature platform in the process.

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