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Dean Fisher - Avrion

Recruited during the pandemic, Senior Developer Dean Fisher quickly made his mark within the development squad. For this blog, we asked Dean to share his favourite project with us.

Enhancing Device Management

Dean found it really hard to choose his favourite project since joining Avrion. With coding running through both his career and veins, it is clear that he really enjoys working on any development project. His passion is infectious! 

When pushed to pick a specific customer project, he chose a project for Loewenstein Medical, a company that makes and distributes specialist medical equipment, such as anaesthesia workstations, neonatal ventilators, ICU-ventilators, sleep diagnostics, and therapy devices, including high quality masks for the UK market. 

What was required in this case was the re-writing of their Device Management Module to further improve its capability. 

The application tracks items as they come into the warehouses, re-assigns them where necessary, tracks the warranties on each one, and enables the users to perform a search in the system for any item, at any time. The warranty tracking capability now automatically generates reminders for warranties coming to their end. This ensures no renewal opportunity is missed, whilst saving man hours and admin.

Meet the Team - Device Management


The system works through a web application that talks to the Maximizer API (Application Programming Interface). There are further benefits from this project – we can use the technology framework in this project for other customers, to keep costs economical. We always like to spread costs where we can so that all customers benefit.

Further information

If you’d like to discuss Asset/Device Management or how we can help you join up your systems, please contact us.

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