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Our third Solution Spotlight is about creating an Asset Management module to achieve a better way of managing Assets and their services.

Do you use multiple spreadsheets to manage your devices? Does this make communication within your business challenging? This customer, a market leader in the field of medical technology, had exactly that problem and wanted a more efficient way of working.

Are you new to Solution Spotlights? They’re a series of short “Use Cases” to showcase what challenges our customers were having prior to working with Avrion, and how we collaborated with them to create a solution.

They’re designed to give you inspiration on how you could further digitise your systems, making your business much more efficient.

If you missed the first two in the series, you can find them here.

A Market leader in the field of medical technology – Creating a better way of managing assets and their services

During the initial Maximizer training, it was identified that this customer was using multiple spreadsheets to manage their devices, making communication between sales and customer/field service engineers challenging. They wanted a more efficient way of working.  

Create a better way of managing Assets and their services.

  • Assets management module developed in Maximizer and configured for use with devices, including:
    • Search and filter functionality
    • Ability to assign assets to customers or distributors
    • Bulk assigning of multiple assets at once.
  • Delivered visibility of Assets at both Address Book and Customer Service Case level – including details, licences and device version tracking as well as an audit log.
  • Automated creation of Customer Service Cases in advance of the next service date, ensuring no service is missed.
  • Created dashboard view of service workload.
  • Provided administration functionality of new and existing Assets.
  • Integrated Sage 200 and the Asset Database.
  • More efficient management of Assets. 
  • Improved communication and customer service.
  • Easy tracking of Warranty expiration dates and service dates. 

Maximizer, Development Services.

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