Flexible deployment

Flexible Deployment

Our solutions are hosted in a SaaS cloud, private cloud or on-premise to suit our customers’ infrastructure strategy, ensuring flexible deployment.

  • Using the software provider’s own SaaS cloud, our customers get their software and hosting delivered as a single subscription package. This means software updates are applied automatically when released. SaaS cloud hosting is effective where solutions have minimal customisation and integration, and where customers have less stringent requirements for the geographical location of their business information.
  • We can implement our solutions on our customer’s on-premise servers or within their own private cloud environment. This is beneficial for customers who manage their own IT systems in-house and where systems integration is required.
  • We provide private cloud hosting through our own comprehensive UK hosting environment and also the Microsoft Azure platform. Delivered as a fully managed service, our customers receive a secure and world-class environment, with knowledge and control of where their business information is situated. A private cloud provides a high level of flexibility for integrated solutions.

To understand the pros and cons of each hosting option, read our blog: What is hosting and how do the options differ?

You can also read more about our reliable and secure, dedicated hosting services (including virtual desktops) along with the benefits of storing your business applications in the Cloud – simply download the Hosting Services datasheet.

Alternatively, contact us to find out more about hosting and how the options differ.