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Press Release: Maximizer Launches Sales Leader Edition for Frustrated Sales LeadersMaximizer has been working on a better experience for every customer with some major improvements, including a new mobile app that has an updated onboarding experience. They are also completing work on a brilliant new link with Outlook 365 that means adding emails, creating tasks, and looking at Timelines can be done whilst in Outlook – a real time saver for busy sales folk.

There is also a new and improved API that makes Maximizer much easier to connect with other systems, for example ERP, eMarketing, and finance platforms.

They have also launched their brand new Sales Leader Edition – a new version of their world-famous CRM, designed specifically for Sales Leaders, together with their new product strategy resulting in an exciting roadmap for 2023 and beyond.

The company has used their strategic evolution to focus on:

  • Tracking sales activities and pipeline visibility
  • Insights into team performance and productivity
  • Unclear forecasts and business health
  • Accountability to quotas and business goals

What the Base Edition gives you

The base edition still works brilliantly to increase prospect engagement, standardise the sales process, and improve deal rates and team reporting. It’s also functionally fast and quick to deploy. Your data is highly secure, hosted in Microsoft Azure with a desktop and mobile solution, as well as an open API for third party integrations.

Features of the new Sales Leader Edition

  • Press Release: Maximizer Launches Sales Leader Edition for Frustrated Sales Leaders Deployed with default Sales Pipeline & processes
  • Opportunity Viewer for better monitoring & coaching team
  • Quotas for driving improved behaviours
  • Sales Intelligence advancements with end of day reports for Management & Sales


The focus on this new version is very much on helping to relieve the pressure and pain points specifically for “the frustrated Sales Leader”. Whereas the original and Base Edition serves customers in all areas of many professions, this new edition has some more focussed and specific tools for tracking and reporting activity, ensuring total user adoption and helping you measure the right metrics.

Sales Leaders are targeted with delivering revenue, often having to use numerous platforms and reports in order to identify where they need to focus and who do they need to coach? It can be both time-consuming and unclear. With the Sales Leader Edition, you can introduce calculated focus and make sure there is targeted sales effort in a number of ways.

  • Through leading indicators, know what your salespeople are doing, not just what they have done (lagging indicators)
  • Track and monitor your team’s pipeline in one consolidated view
  • Get insights on productivity, better predict revenue, and drive desired behaviour
  • Visualise your team’s performance to identify business insights
  • Set quotas and align them with results
  • Utilise quotas to support the team’s forecast and financial targets


This is a new product strategy for Maximizer’s cloud offering, more advanced than the Base Edition. Of course, cloud-based existing customers can update to the new version to access the advanced functionality and new features.

What’s next?

Looking forward into 2023, we are pleased to say that Maximizer are working on another targeted solution – this time for the anxious Contract Renewals Manager.

About Maximizer

For over 30 years, Maximizer has been helping leaders monitor and coach their sales and renewals teams to land, keep, and grow customers.

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