Our next Solution Spotlight is about creating a self-serve configurator tool. This tool is used by web visitors to enter minimal information in order to receive a transparent quote, with a further option to place an order.

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A Multi-Divisional Service Company – Creating a Self-Serve Configurator Tool for Personalising Quotes


This long-term customer wanted to add an easy to use, mobile friendly webpage to promote a new service, targeted at small companies.

They wanted to enable the customer to enter minimal information in order to receive a transparent quote, with a further option to place an order.

Are your products and/or services structured so that they can be translated into a product configurator?


To provide a public-facing self-serve configurator tool for personalising quotes for prospective small business customers in an integrated way with their existing system architecture.


  • Online quote builder tool embedded into the business’s own website.
  • Designed as a single-page configurator enabling the customer to select the various options and then go through an e-commerce style sign-up process.
  • Integrated using API’s, passing enquiries and sign-ups into the business’s back-office system, with additional workflows designed for managing leads and orders.
  • CRM system automatically updated with customer details, sales opportunity etc.
  • Customer details also sent to the business’s eMarketing platform, assigned to various email campaigns.


  • Keeps Customers updated and provides self-service for delivery queries.
  • Automates a repetitive process.
  • Saves 80-100 hours/week to focus on other areas of growing their business.

Technology Used

Middleware Portal, Maximizer CRM, Contract Renewal System.

Further information

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