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Compared to traditional one computer per person, replacing physical PCs with virtual desktops and clients has proven to have substantial advantages, such as:

  • Cost savings for both hardware and software
  • Increased lifespan
  • Energy savings
  • Decreased staff hours to maintain PCs
  • Improved performance
  • Improved security Increased flexibility.

In our previous blog, “What is a Hosted Desktop and What are the Benefits?“, we introduced the vDeskOnline hosted desktop. In this blog, we will compare vDeskOnline with a local server / desktop.

Table of Comparison

 vDeskOnlineLocal Server / Desktop
ServerMore secure because all of your data is held on your hosted server and offsite in a secure location.Less secure because all of your data is held on a local server within an office, so there is a higher risk of fire and theft.
DesktopsAgain, all of your data is held on your hosted desktops and offsite in a secure location.Same risk as running a local server.
Licensing & upgradesWe cover all the license costs as far as Windows OS & Microsoft Office, and you can opt to upgrade FOC as and when the newer version becomes available. With vDeskOnline, downtime can be kept at a minimum.You will need to consider the cost of upgrading the licenses as and when it is required. This will require more downtime and potentially new hardware.
BackupsWith vDeskOnline, we back up your hosted server data to two other data centres in the UK for peace of mind.Local backup, which can be costly, does not work as well, and normally relies on human intervention.
Hardware upgradesSimply upgrade server & desktop resources like disk storage, memory & CPU without any callout charges. We can upgrade any component within a few minutes, and this method is completely future-proof. No more having to buy expensive hardware.Any hardware upgrades will require a callout engineer and can take a couple of days to order the parts & installation. In some cases, you cannot upgrade the desktop or server and may need to completely replace the whole unit.
Hardware repairsAll you need for vDeskOnline is a device that supports Citrix and an Internet connection. If a desktop breaks down, simply replace the desktop with a refurb desktop at around £80.Most hardware repairs will require a callout engineer and the cost of the hardware.
AccessibilityYou can work from anywhere as long as you have a device that supports Citrix and an Internet connection. vDeskOnline is also very useful when moving offices, or for companies that have multiple sites & offices.There are many options with a local server to enable remote access to the data and software. However, sometimes these options are hard to implement and do not work as well as vDeskOnline.
Remote supportMuch easier to support due to the nature of vDeskOnline & XenDesktop.Can be easy to support providing the local server and desktops are built to the correct standards.
Onsite support / Callout chargesPractically non-existent, meaning a massive saving on engineering callouts.Higher risks of callout charges, especially if you have hardware failures & upgrades.

vDeskOnline Hosted Desktop - the obvious choice

When considering the comparisons between vDeskOnline and a local server / desktop, it’s clear that vDeskOnline should be the winning choice.

If you’d like to find out more about vDeskOnline, check out our previous blog which talks about what a hosted desktop is, the benefits and how it works.

Further information

If you think the vDeskOnline hosted desktop is right for your business, talk to us about your requirements and we’ll find the perfect package for you.

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