June 2020 saw the release of the much anticipated Maximizer 2020 R1, and it didn’t disappoint. It was jam packed with enhancements but the ones that we are most excited about are:

  • An overhaul of the Leads Module
  • Improvements to the Import Manager
  • The ability to manage Default Entries centrally
  • Other enhancements on the Web Client
  • A great addition of functionality to the Mobile App


We will be posting a 5-part blog series showing various enhancements to the Maximizer 2020 release – we’ve even recorded videos of the above enhancements so that you can see them in action!

Improvements to the Leads Module

So first up – let’s take a look at how the Leads Module has improved:

Flexibility: There is much more flexibility surrounding the lead management process, whereby you can now create multiple custom processes.

UDFs for Leads: Any Address Book User-Defined Field (UDF) can now be made available to Leads; previously, you had to create and manage two separate fields.

Column layout: You can also personalise your Column Layout within the Leads module.

Lead details: After a lead is converted or archived, the widgets for lead details, notes, documents and activities will still be available in the Lead Details screen.

Leads in Hotlist tasks: The Hotlist has also been enhanced so that you can view the Lead’s details, which was not possible before this version.

Lead management with Maximizer CRM has always proven to be an extremely useful tool for sales and marketing people as well as managers in general – but with all these improvements, the Leads Module really has become an even more powerful tool.

Take a look at our What’s New in Maximizer 2020 Release 1 video, focusing on improvements in the Leads Module: