Blog : Maximizer CRM 2020 Release 1: Improvements to the Import Manager



Last week, we kick-started our 5-part blog series about what’s new in Maximizer CRM 2020 Release 1 with a list of enhancements that we’re most excited about:

  1. An overhaul of the Leads Module
  2. Improvements to the Import Manager
  3. The ability to manage Default Entries centrally
  4. Other Enhancements in the Web Client
  5. A great addition of functionality to the Mobile App

In part 2 of the series, let’s take a look at how the Import Manager has improved.

Improvements to the Import Manager

UDFs: Previously, if your import data contained new values for a User-defined Field (UDF), you had to set up the UDF prior to the import. Now, you can create new items in table fields during an import. The Import Manager identifies any values that are not in the UDF and you can choose whether to add a new item in the Maximizer field or not.

Use of user IDs and usernames: To import data assigned to users (e.g. Account Manager or Lead Owner) into Maximizer entries, you previously needed to use the User ID. Now you can use User ID or users’ display names to match your data.

Import Error Log: The Import Error Log messages have been improved. Previously, the UDF names weren’t displayed in the log. Now, you’ll be able to identify the field that caused the problem more easily.

Take a look at our What’s New in Maximizer 2020 Release 1 video, focusing on improvements to the Import Manager:

In part 3 of our blog series, we’ll dive into the ability to manage Default Entries centrally. 

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