Avrion successfully delivers CRM solutions to a wide range of clients, looking for better ways to win and develop customers. Established in 2001, our core competence is deploying software technology solutions that make businesses effective and efficient.

We are a leading solution partner for Maximizer CRM and Sage CRM with over 300 successful projects to our name. Put simply we are passionate in how we design, implement and support solutions that meet the needs of businesses like yours.

Over 300 CRM solutions delivered … and counting

Every month we successfully deliver solutions to our diverse range of clients

  • 15+


  • 300+


  • 4500+

    active users

  • 85+


  • 82% of clients have been with us for over 6 years

  • 71% of our customers used a previous CRM package

  • 96% of our customers renewed their support and maintenance contracts with us in the past 12 months


    89% of our customers surveyed said their business had grown in the past 12 months


Avrion Methodology

Implementing CRM solutions does not have to be a long and expensive process. But successful CRM is about bonding your uniqueness with proven industry practices, and we’re here is to help you succeed at this.

We use comprehensive and proven project methodologies that ensure you get a tailored solution suited to your business, delivered on time and within budget. From this point forward we help cultivate your CRM strategies keeping your CRM solution relevant and valuable to your business.

CRM delivered the way you need it

CRM On Demand

Both Maximizer CRM Live and Sage CRM is SaaS ready, meaning your CRM solution is provided by the Cloud on a subscription pay-as-you-go arrangement. This eliminates the need for you to manage the IT infrastructure required to install and maintain your CRM software. Security and protection of data is core to this service platform, with datacentres complying to ISO9001 and ISO27001 standards.

Both software packages can be configured extensively within this environment, but if you need to integrate your CRM solution with other back office systems, or require bespoke customisations, then this deployment option is not for you – look at the On-Premise or Our Cloud deployment options instead.

Portability is guaranteed – if and when you need the additional flexibility you can move your CRM solution to a different platform.

On Premise CRM / Your Cloud

You can choose to host your CRM solution on your own servers (on-premise) or within your dedicated Data Centre (cloud). This platform is most suitable for businesses who already have the necessary IT infrastructure in place, or who need full in-house control of the CRM solution and data. It’s also a good platform if you intend to integrate your CRM solution with other back-office systems in your business. Alternatively consider the Our Cloud deployment option.

Upon buying the CRM software subscription we can quickly setup the software onto your servers (or cloud environment), and for Sage CRM you have the added option to ‘purchase’ the software for overall lower cost of ownership compared to subscription rental.

Portability is guaranteed – you can choose to move your CRM solution to a different deployment platform if and when you need to.

Our Private Cloud

Leverage all the benefits of Cloud and SaaS within a secure hosted environment exclusively for your business. We deliver world-class hosting solutions to our clients, based in state-of-the-art UK datacentres, meeting ISO 9001,ISO27001 and other stringent technical and security standards. Our service offering is extensive, going far beyond the hosting of just your CRM solution.

If you plan to integrate your CRM solution with your other systems then renting hosted servers from us will deliver the flexibility and control you need. As a Microsoft SPLA partner you can also rent the server and client software from us creating a true SaaS platform for your business.

We build hosted environments specific to our client needs, either standalone or integrated within their own domain environments. Suitable for specific business applications, or the hosting of your entire IT platform, we provide cloud services on a fully or part managed basis. In addition we deliver hybrid-hosted style solutions for our clients wanting to leverage the benefits of both on-premise and cloud based technologies.

Integrated CRM

Both Maximizer CRM and Sage CRM offer connectors into many software packages, as well as numerous integration modules designed to seamlessly join systems together. Depending on the deployment and software platform you choose (Maximizer CRM or Sage CRM) you can expect deep and out-of-the-box integrations with applications such as:

    • Microsoft Office
    • Mail (Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, etc.)
    • Mass email solutions (Mailchimp, Swiftpage etc.)
    • Marketing Automation (Hubspot, Act-On, Swiftpage, etc.)
    • Social Media (LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter etc.)
    • Accounting & ERP (Sage 50, Sage 200, Xero, etc.)

In addition both Sage CRM and Maximizer CRM provide modern API’s (integrator toolkits) which are used to create custom integrations between systems.

We have a proven track record with our clients in creating integrated CRM solutions for a diverse range of applications. Integrated CRM delivers:

  • Operational efficiencies, saving time in data processing and accuracy in information handling.
  • The ability to create a 360 degree view of customer information, as data from multiple systems can be collected inside of the CRM system

  • Avrion Partners with:

    Maximizer has been at the cutting edge of simple, affordable and reliable CRM software since 1987. With 120,000+ customers of all sizes in all industries, Maximizer is an all-inclusive CRM suite with flexible deployment options.

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    With all customer information centralised in a single view that’s accessible anywhere, anytime, it’s easy to respond to new and existing opportunities, manage accounts and accurately forecast your sales pipeline and revenue.
    • Generate more sales leads. Trap and track all your enquiries in Maximizer CRM with quick data entry as well as automated web site feeds.
    • Accurately forecast sales. With up-to- date information in CRM, accurately project your sales for the month, quarter or year using Maximizer’s powerful Forecast module and dynamic sales Dashboards.
    • Shorten sales cycle times. Continuously improve your conversion rates by identifying bottlenecks at each stage of the sales pipeline.
    • Improve up-sell and cross-sell. With a 360 degree view of customer information at hand Maximizer CRM data analysis tools can help you identify new sales opportunities with existing customers.


    Customers do their own research long before talking to your sales team, so it’s critical to provide them with the information they need to make a purchase decision.
    • Generate higher quality leads. Use tools in Maximizer CRM to identify your leads that yield the highest conversion rates and ROI, enabling you to plan predictable future marketing initiatives.
    • Leverage marketing automation. Boost overall effectiveness and lower costs using Maximizer CRM’s marketing tools by automating your email campaigns to nurture prospects with relevant and personalised information. Strengthen your customer retention capabilities with highly targeted and relevant automated campaigns.
    • Identify and target top customers. Use Maximizer CRM to identify your most profitable customers and then find more just like them.

    Customer Service

    Maximizer Customer Relationship ManagementThe future success of your business depends on your ability to keep customers happy. Happy customers reward you with enjoyable relationships, repeat business and valuable referrals.
    Maximizer CRM gives your Customer Service team both access to customer information and the tools needed to deal with customer requests efficiently and effectively.
    • Retain more customers. Use the Maximizer CRM Case & Helpdesk suite to record and manage customer requests through to resolution. With automated emails informing the customer of progress, and dynamic dashboards for managing cases internally, you can plan to provide exceptional customer service.
    • Reduce case resolution time. Prioritise and categorise cases based on type and urgency and use powerful knowledgebase tools to quickly service customers through to resolution. Quick resolution is cost effective and keeps customers happy.
    • Become truly customer centric. Empower your team with a 360 degree understanding of your customers, by sharing customer service, marketing and sales information held centrally in Maximizer CRM.


  • Avrion Partners with:

    Sage CRM

    With Sage CRM, you’ll have business wide visibility to ensure you can see where your business stands at any moment in time. This means you can make accurate assessments and take the actions necessary to accelerate your business success.

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    Business Insight

    Using Sage CRM you can get a 360 degree view of your business and evaluate where it stands and then make more informed decisions that’ll help you develop and grow. Using Sage CRM’s key performace indicators, dashboards, charts and out-of-the-box reports, you can see how your business is performing in real-time. You can see a breakdown of your sales pipeline, customer support incidents and marketing campaigns, and evaluate their performance.

    Sage CRM MobileSage CRM also enables you to easily track your performance against targets with access to a wealth of information for effective forecasting. This includes information such as opportunities,
    how many leads are in the sales pipeline and which reps are performing best.

    This valuable insight allows you to make rapid assessments and make the critical business decisions necessary to run your business.

    Sage CRM helps you simplify the sales process and make the most of every sales opportunity.

    Using the Sales Manager and Sales Director dashboards, you can gain insight into the performance of sales campaigns and answer questions like:

    • Which opportunities are set to close and how much are they worth?
    • Are we hitting our targets for the quarter?
    • At what stage are we losing prospects?
    • What are our top deals?
    • Which sales reps are closing more effectively than others?

    Mobile CRM

    Sage mobile CRM ensures your CRM is just as powerful on your tablet or mobile as it is on your desktop. This enables you to access your important customer and sales information and gain valuable business insight into how your business is performing whether in the office or on the road.


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