What We Do : Overview

Engaging with Avrion brings a breadth of leading technologies to your organisation. This allows us to create new solutions, improve existing setups or evolve your system even further, in a manner that truly supports your business.

Our choice of technologies enables us to deliver solutions in a flexible, fast and cost-effective way. Being highly adaptable means they work together, creating an integrated approach to managing business information and processes.

To help our customers innovate and transform their business we deliver the following technology solutions:

CRM Software

...that is modern, mobile and easy to use, with a continual update programme delivering best in class features and tools. There are many add-ons and connectors available to enhance the CRM software and integrate it with other popular software.

Rapid Application Development platforms (RAD)

...for creating ‘100% fit’ business applications and web portals, as a standalone solution or extension to existing systems.

Ready-made Business Applications and Web Portals

...that work with many popular finance, ERP and CRM systems, using a wizard/drag-and-drop style to personalise the user and customer experience.

Custom Data Connectors

Our data connector platform has been built in a way that supports many other systems. Using our technology, we are able to connect a wide range of systems together, in a secure and robust way, with minimal development effort required to achieve this. Many of our customer implementations use this technology. Examples of our connectors include Mailchimp, dotdigital, Creditsafe, Instiller, Dynamics GP, WooCommerce, Magento and countless more.

Business Process Application platforms (BPA)

...for automating business processes and integrating disparate applications and systems, with powerful workflow capabilities that drive staff and customer interactions.

Middleware Software

...using industry standard frameworks, for creating unique business applications that automate tasks and processes where speed and efficiency is essential.

Private Cloud Hosting

...using our own dedicated environments at UK datacentres, or within the Microsoft Azure platform, for managing our solutions in a secure and reliable way.