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Case Studies

We have a range of customers who benefit from the structure and efficiency that CRM, BPA and other systems give to their business. They range from Manufacturing to Trade Events, Communications to Catering, with a lot more in between.

Read our case studies to see how we have helped them implement new solutions, turn old systems around and evolve their businesses over time.

BearingNet - a CRM case study


BearingNet had begun to outgrow its in-house CRM system so was looking to move the business forward, with the aim to learn more about membership and pricing, whilst reducing the internal workload on system maintenance.
Belvoir Group CRM for property


Belvoir experienced rapid growth with several software products used by various departments. It became clear that they needed a platform to pull these parts together, integrate with third-party software products and generate meaningful MI (management
Belvoir Group - Dynamics 365 for property

Belvoir Group

Belvoir had complicated processes making it hard to streamline and share information efficiently day to day. They needed a new CRM system that would fit around their processes, rather than make their processes fit around
Delivering digital transformation projects through our partnership with Codeless Platforms

Codeless Platforms

Avrion wanted an integration and automation solution for several projects, as well as the ability to deliver portals for its customers. Read how Avrion's partnership with Codeless Platforms has benefited customers through the use of
COP UK - a CRM case study


COP UK recognised their CRM system and partner were not meeting the expectations and workflow they had developed to take customer care to the next level. Read how Avrion helped COP UK by delivering a
Avrion and Dayta Designs - integrating financial software with CRM

Dayta Designs

Dayta Designs' customers, who were using Sage CRM, needed additional assistance to get more value from their CRM system. After carefully considering other Sage Business Partners, Dayta Designs partnered with Avrion to provide the best
Dengie - a CRM case study


Dengie had outgrown their CRM system leading to an inability to analyse the Customer information, which prevented the company offering their best service. Read how Dengie has experienced a huge shift in the efficiency of
Hazlemere Window Company - a CRM case study

Hazlemere Window Company

Hazlemere were users of Sage CRM, but the team felt they could improve on their use of the system to further increase the benefits to the business. So they looked for a more proactive and
Prestige - CRM for manufacturing


Prestige was looking to turn their data into high value information by tracking leads, managing prospects’ expectations in order to convert more opportunities into wins. Read how CRM improved their bottom line by consolidating their
Primary Times

Primary Times

Primary Times needed a CRM system and were partnered up with a company that turned out to be unhelpful. They approached Maximizer, asked for more support and put them in touch with Avrion. Read how

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