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Are you thinking of investing in new business operational software such as CRM, a financial system or BPA (Business Process Automation) – but need help in navigating your way through the sales-speak and marketing collateral of the software vendors? 

Do your business systems and processes need to function more efficiently, effectively and coherently – but you’re not sure what configuration improvements or customisations to adapt so that your solution works for you?

Then talk to us. We will take the time to learn what your goals and challenges are, before finding solutions that work for you. No matter the size or nature of your business, we are here to help you implement and optimise your technical systems and help you achieve your business goals by defining the right digital strategy.

And we’re in it for the long haul. Once the solution is established, we will suggest ways to evolve your solution to keep up with your growing business needs.

It’s important for us to focus on you. Your digitisation journey is unique but we have all grounds covered:

Level 1 – basic configuration: You may have a simple setup and, for example, choose to use a CRM system as a straightforward database. Keeping details of all your customers and contacts, making sure up-to-date information is stored there, and GDPR regulations are being upheld. 

Level 2 – more complex configuration: You may want to take your operational systems to the next level. For example, Dengie enhanced their use of CRM by setting triggers for certain events, to streamline and automate their business processes.

Level 3 – customised: Or you may want to tailor the software to your unique needs. One customer has, with our help, built bespoke activity windows, reports and processes, as well as created custom integration with a mapping tool. Furthermore, their highly customised customer service area has automated email triggers that alert customers, colleagues and suppliers to key events in the sales cycle, creating a seamless process whilst removing failures in the cycle.

Level 4 – bespoke: If you have various systems that each satisfy certain requirements of your business but you want to bring them all together in a single, user-friendly solution, look no further. We have developed bespoke middleware solutions for several customers to help with Contract Renewals, Quote Management, Business Intelligence – the scenarios are limitless.

Let’s get the ball rolling. Book your free consultation – with no strings attached – and together we will discover the solution that’s best for you. Call us now on +44 (0)1992 661244 or email us

Alternatively, book an appointment straight away using our Calendar link.

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