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If you're using dotdigital to design, send and track email marketing campaigns, you'll love the Maximizer connector. This powerful yet easy-to-use integration helps you keep marketing campaign data in sync and delivers visibility into dotdigital campaign results within Maximizer.

Connecting Maximizer CRM and dotdigital

The dotdigital connector is an easy-to-use, powerful solution for synchronising contact information between Maximizer and dotdigital and for viewing dotdigital campaign information within Maximizer.

When contacts are added to the selected list in dotdigital, Maximizer automatically replicates those contacts in Maximizer. You may also select Maximizer contacts to synchronize from Maximizer to dotdigital and be added to your selected dotdigital list.

Contact information is kept up to date by synchronising changes to Maximizer fields and dotdigital contact information, such as first name and last name.

The Maximizer connector also allows you to view dotdigital campaign activity information for your synchronized Maximizer contacts in the dotdigital following tab in Maximizer.


  • Two-way synchronisation of contact information between Maximizer CRM and dotdigital
  • Visibility into marketing campaign statistics, including successful deliveries, opens, clicks and bounces from within Maximizer CRM
  • Mapping of custom contact fields between Maximizer CRM and dotdigital for enhanced personalisation
  • Customisable sync timeframe and closed loop reporting, to see which campaigns generated new customers

How does the synchronisation work?

The dotdigital connector runs as a background service and cycles periodically to ensure that your contact information in Maximizer and dotdigital is kept up to date.

Each time the service cycles, it compares the entries in the synchronised dotdigital list with their corresponding entries in Maximizer to determine if any entries have changed since the last synchronisation cycle. If any changes have been made or if any new entries have been added, the connector updates the corresponding entries to keep both sides in sync.

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