"Working with Avrion has been amazing from start to finish. We use Maximizer as a main system, however we required a bespoke quote tool building for our sales team. From start to finish, the integration of the software and support has been nothing short of phenomenal. Their entire team are very knowledgeable, efficient and nothing is ever too much. We look forward to using Avrion moving forward and continuing a great business relationship."
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Luke Hogg
Sales & Marketing Manager - Knoxford Ltd t/a Portable Floormaker

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Why Insights?

Insights is an analytics add-on for Maximizer, which is powered by the Sisense BI engine.

You’ve used dashboards before, but not like this. Quick and easy to build, filter and share. Visualise your data in minutes, no data analytics experience required. See the big picture, the fine details, and everything in between, with built-in business intelligence and analytics.

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Quickly and easily create reports in dashboards using the pre-built templates to save time. No longer do you need to export data, import into spreadsheets and manually build charts to provide reporting to your team and executives.

Say goodbye to static data and hello to dynamic dashboards. Now, you can toggle data on and off as needed, or hover over legends to visualise and filter the data that’s important.

Let Insights do the heavy work for you. With formulas that calculate growth, year over year comparisons and other key performance indicators that are built into Insights, you can be productive immediately.

Get stuck in with the drill down feature, which allows you to go from the big picture to the small details easily and effortlessly.

Use the unique “Click Through” feature to jump directly from the dashboard charts to the detailed CRM record. Everything is easily accessible.

Switch between team view and individual view within your dashboards so you can set appropriate goals and support for everyone.

Export full dashboard or just the widget in those finely-honed reports you just built in a format of your choice: PDF, CSV, XLS or PNG.

The Insights widgets and dashboards are unlimited, allowing you to copy and build as many elements as you need.

Collaborate with team members by updating and sharing dashboards, or sending them an email with a PDF copy.

All within Maximizer CRM, allowing users to perform data exploration with ease.



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We'd love to help you explore Digital Transformation -
on your terms

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