Engaging with Avrion adds a Technology Partner to your organisation. 

We employ a complete in-house skills capability to advise, specify, deliver, support and continually evolve all of the solutions we offer.

Our customers stem from various industries, so it’s important to us that we work closely alongside them to help evolve their business and empower them to work smarter in everything they do. In doing this, we collaborate with our customers to find solutions that deliver high return on investment, be it gains in efficiency, cost saving, sales revenue or all of these.

But we don’t just focus on new implementations; if you’re looking for a new business partner who will take on an old implementation or failed project, then talk to us. Many of our customers have done just that – with impressive results.

We Build Rapid Solutions

When creating solutions, we deeply involve our customers, to ultimately build a technology platform perfectly matched to their business needs.

  • We explore and evaluate requirements through workshops to properly define what is important to the solution.
  • We build visual representations of the system so that our customers can easily assess and experience how the solution will work. We ultimately deliver a working prototype through iterations, empowering our customers to be involved throughout the entire design and build journey.

We deliver our solutions faster and more cost effectively, whilst ensuring our customers benefit from our collective community.

  • We use our know-how, developed across many years, gained from working with our customers, across multiple industries with wide-ranging applications.
  • Using our extensive portfolio of work already delivered and proven, we recycle software, customisations, enhancements, integrations and middleware applications with our customers. This means our customers invest less and get more value, with shortened delivery timescales.

Our solutions are built with flexibility in mind, keeping ongoing costs lower such as maintenance, upgrades and continuous enhancements.

  • We don’t over configure software applications, ensuring they can be more easily managed.
  • We build software enhancements and integrations in ways that ensure they can be adapted with minimal impact to the overall solution. Our middleware applications work independently, using light integration touchpoint technology, ensuring unrivalled flexibility for the future.
  • System enhancements are delivered in distinct phases. This brings clear focus when collaborating with our customers on system improvements.

We Provide Flexible Deployment

Our solutions are hosted in a SaaS cloud, private cloud or on-premise to suit our customers’ infrastructure strategy.

  • Using the software provider’s own SaaS cloud, our customers get their software and hosting delivered as a single subscription package. This means software updates are applied automatically when released. SaaS cloud hosting is effective where solutions have minimal customisation and integration, and where customers have less stringent requirements for the geographical location of their business information.
  • We provide private cloud hosting through our own comprehensive UK hosting environment and also the Microsoft Azure platform. Delivered as a fully managed service, our customers receive a secure and world-class environment, with knowledge and control of where their business information is situated. A private cloud provides a high level of flexibility for integrated solutions.
  • We can implement our solutions on our customer’s on-premise servers or within their own private cloud environment. This is beneficial for customers who manage their own IT systems in-house and where systems integration is required.

We Tailor the Implementation

Our solution implementation process is tailored to match the culture and available resources within our customer’s organisation.

  • We prepare the project team and users in readiness for the solution. This involves completing numerous tasks designed to secure the initial success of the solution and may include user education presentations, data migration tests and training collateral.
  • The key components for implementation, such as data migration, user training and documentation, can be delivered fully by us or in collaboration with our customer. This ensures optimum delivery of the solution.
  • Appointed System Administrators are fully trained to the required level to ensure the solution is managed effectively in-house. This empowers our customer to drive forward the solution day-to-day, improving user adoption throughout the early stages of the implementation.

We Fully Support and Evolve the Solution

We deliver a comprehensive system care program, designed to fully support our solutions and the users who operate them.

  • Telephone, remote access and email support on an unlimited basis.
  • Administrator Helpline for advice and general assistance. Includes provision of minor system enhancements and other tasks that may be required.
  • Ongoing maintenance checks and system reviews to ensure the health of the solution.

As part of our support program, we provide proactive account management services helping our customers to evolve their solutions in a planned and strategic way.

  • Joint review sessions to assess ways to improve the system, adding greater value.
  • Management of future phases involved with system evolution.
  • Sharing of ideas involving other and emerging technologies, finding ways to drive our customers’ businesses forward.
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