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Manage your important customer relationships

Record key details about every customer in Sage CRM. Then, you can make every interaction count and build more rewarding relationships, working with information at your fingertips, wherever you are, in one place.

Integrate with your Sage accounting solution

Improve interdepartmental communications, reduce duplication of data and of work, and make more accurate business decisions with financial information readily available.

Send and track email campaigns using Mailchimp

Create a targeted email campaign for free. Then, send your campaign to 2,000 leads and customers, and track your open and click-through rates. Use multiple channels and use your reports to make the next campaign stronger.

Use Business Accelerators for Sales

Track progress against your business’s KPIs using this suite of tools. Plus, you can help sales people become more productive and close sales faster.

Work from anywhere with Mobile CRM

Make important business decisions based on real-time reports. Access critical customer data on the road or at customer sites, and use our dedicated apps for iPhone, Android and Windows.

Deliver exceptional customer service

Provide a consistent experience to every customer. You can also improve the quality of support with a central knowledge base and increase customer retention rates.

Customised Connectors

Customised Connectors – using Avrion’s proven connector technologies to integrate your systems and information.

We create many ‘connectors’, enabling our customers to join up information easily between Sage CRM and their other operational software systems. We use our extensive portfolio of connector frameworks, customisations and middleware applications to build connectors which means customers invest less and get more value, with shortened delivery timescales. For example, we have built financial connectors that work in the same way as our Sage Financials Data Connector but with alternative financial software packages.

Typical Connectors our customers require include:

Data feed connectors:

Taking information from databases and passing this into Sage CRM. Databases include an Accounts package, ERP system, eCommerce website, Contracts & Inventory Management system, and many industry specific software applications. The information is displayed graphically in Sage CRM (using iFrames technologies) for user consumption and is also transformed in a way to support the many features and tools available in Sage CRM. This might be for reporting, creation of dashboards and alert notifications for all CRM users.

Email & Inbound Marketing Connectors:

Creating a functional integration join between Sage CRM and popular packages such as Mailchimp, dotdigital, Campaign Monitor etc., and enabling synchronisation of data records between systems. Many online email marketing solutions provide a suite of integration tools (APIs) and we can easily create a Connector between these systems and Sage CRM.

Quotation Module Connectors:

A customised module enabling users to create and send quotes from within Sage CRM, with automated updates to the CRM record (AddressBook and Opportunities), saving the user time in creating quotes and managing the quote book. Product codes and stock information from the ‘back-office’ system can be dynamically used when creating quotes. When the user successfully converts the quotation, our Connector can push the ‘order’ into the back-office system removing duplication in data entry, saving time whilst improving data accuracy.

Portal Connectors:

Simple data connectors that enable passing of information between Sage CRM and online Customer/Supplier Portals, and vice-versa. Information is synchronised near real-time helping our customers to manage and respond to their customers in a quick, professional and efficient way.


Qnect for Sage CRM is a real-time integration that links Sage CRM to Sage Accounts. It helps to increase efficiency and accuracy in the management of customers/suppliers, products and quotes/orders at an affordable cost.

By combining Sage CRM with Sage Accounts (using Qnect) you can enjoy better business insight, greater efficiencies, increased productivity and have a single customer-centric view across your entire business.

Qnect features include:

  • Create Sage Accounts Customer and Supplier accounts from Sage CRM
  • Create Sales orders in Sage Accounts from Sage CRM
  • View account information, such as status or credit limit
  • Realtime views of orders and invoices from Sage Accounts
  • Synchronise orders, invoices and credits into Sage CRM
  • Link many Sage CRM companies to one Sage Accounts customer
  • Link one Sage CRM customer to many Sage Accounts customers
  • Create and view information about suppliers in Sage CRM

Qnect integration is currently available for Sage 50 (UK Edition), Sage 200 and Sage X3.

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